Basheer Shehab

Basheer Shehab

Media Specialist


I actively participate in activities that align with my passions and interests, allowing me to explore new horizons and broaden my perspectives

Work With TV Channels

With Alhura. Gali Kurdistan, Sumaria. Alarabi 

Bayader Alkhair Organization

The youth of Bayader Al-Khair Organization within the campaign to rehabilitate and paint schools,
Pictures from the campaign to rehabilitate Al-Khandaq School, Al-Jamaa District.

Youth Leaders Camp

4 fun days were with wonderful guys from different governorates of Iraq

Almosul Voluntary Work

 The trust of donors has arrived, where more than 1,200 food rations were distributed to Mosul, the right side (Al-Nazanjili _ Al-Abrar neighborhood _ Wadi Hajar).

Corona Virus

Distribution of gags and gloves in Abu Ghraib district with the Baghdad Karkh Health Center.

Counter expert and arbitrator in international arbitration Program

while I was in a workshop. International arbitration.
Which was set up by the Irshad Foundation for Arbitration and for Cultural, Legal, and Human Development, where a program (preparation of an expert and an arbitrator in international arbitration) was held today, and I obtained a certificate of participation in this program held in the Iraqi Bar Association.

Link Campaign

The Director of the Office of His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Haitham Al-Jubouri, responded to the invitation addressed to them as part of the “Linking Link” campaign, by the Abu Ghraib Youth Gathering, and he came to the Abu Ghraib district to find out about the problems and suffering of young people in the district, and the tour took place fully in the Sports Forum and we met Sports youth, and the most prominent problems that youth suffer from in general and the forum in particular were listened to

Abi Ghraib Youth

For the sake of good, we gathered, hands joined together to serve our families, youth and children.